Here at West Coast we have handpicked the best Welsh and International talent to produce our software and games creations of the highest quality.

If you’re interested in joining our team, get in touch.

Howard Jacobson

Business Development Director

Howard is a dynamic, energetic and reliable, experienced manager within West Coast. Specialist in sales and marketing in the UK and abroad. Setting up publishing and distribution partnerships in different territories to roll out existing and new games. Introducing top quality Work For Hire facilities.

Ken Bird


Ken Bird is one of three founders of the company and is also the CEO. Ken’s background in finance which has enabled him to steer and secure the company’s future within the gaming and software industry.

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“These industries are fast moving and challenging but we at West Coast remain ambitious and innovative in our outlook, we’ve already been utilising the 3D scanning process within our software and gaming programmes and are looking forward to the exciting times ahead.”

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John Jones-Steele


John heads up the technical side to West Coast and is also the company COO. John’s experience within the gaming industry is extremely valuable.

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After leaving College, John spent 12 years working in the Computer Unit at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and obtained a B.A. during that time. For the last 5 of those years, he was also running Abersoft Limited part-time writing various programs for the Spectrum, C64 etc. In 1985 he left the University to write software full-time. After 10 years writing as a freelance was offered the chance to setup Broadsword Interactive in Aberystwyth by Broadsword Television Limited, a television company in Norfolk who wanted to break into the software business. By 1998 John had bought out Broadsword Television, and the company was wholly owned. During this time he developed the extremely popular Dance UK that won the 2004 BAFTA Cymru for Best New Media (Not TV or Film Related).

The economic decline in 2009 necessitated the closure of Broadsword Interactive Limited and a new more streamlined company, Broadsword Publishing Limited was setup.

In 2013 John became a founder in West Coast Software Limited and is currently the COO.

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Steve Rose

Senior Programmer

Steve has been programming professionally since 1986. In 1992 he attended Aberystwyth University as a mature student, gaining a 2:1 degree in Computer Science and joined Broadsword Interactive in 1995.

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Steve worked on the D/Generation HD conversion for PlayStation 4, XboxONE and PC. Steve is currently working on the Rees Rally Racers game which will shortly be published on iOS and Android.

Steve’s areas of expertise include computer/hardware interfacing, tools, user interfaces, gameplay, graphics, optimisation, audio, AI, physics, cloud computing.

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Boomer Rogers

Director of Software

Boomer is a full stack generalist; Game dev enthusiast; and loves software development.

He was educated at Colorado State University and Aberystwyth University and has been doing professional software development ever since.

Justin Slater

Art Director

Justin has been working as an artist in the computer games industry since 1999. In 1994 he attended Teesside University, gaining a 2:2 BSc (Hons) in Computer Visualisation.

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In 1999 Justin joined Broadsword Interactive as a junior artist and progressed onto Lead Artist and Team Lead.

Justin is currently Director of Art at WestCoast Studios. He is a multi disciplined artist, specializing in texturing, digital composition and 3D Modelling.

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Aled Davies

Games Designer

Aled is the resident Games Designer, he has giant vault of game knowledge in his brain, but cannot remember where he left his keys.

Elysia Womersley

2D & 3D Artist

Elysia is a 2D and 3D artist. She enjoys being a hermit on the weekend; designing worlds, painting and crafting.

Hristoz Stefanov


Hristoz is from Bulgaria and now works as a junior programmer at West Coast and is currently working on the new Rees Rally Racers game.

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Hristoz gained his BSc Hons in computer science, graphics, vision and games at Aberystwyth University. His hobbies include developing games that specialise in graphics programming, playing and making games in his spare time. Catching Pokemon, building castles out of cobblestone blocks, watching anime, playing board games and photography are also some of his interests.

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Sarah Henry

2D & 3D Artist

Sarah is a 2d & 3d artist. Her favourite colour is green, and she has always been envious of the lazy and sly nature of cats. She likes to doodle. A lot.