Rally Racers

Rally Racers is a family fun racing game based on good old crash and bash good vs. bad cattier game play.

The more you play the more addictive it becomes.
Your team member’s have been turned to the dark side by your evil brother “Druge” and his evil henchmen “Noog” and “Poog”
When they are under his power they try to stop you by attacking you with weapons around the track.
You win them back by collecting Oranges and unlocking them as you progress through the races.

As you progress you are awarded Race Cups at the end of each world you have to beat “Druge” to progress to the next level.

Collect all your Gold Cups to win your next car.

There are seven wonderful worlds to take you through your quest. Each world contains different challenges and awards and prizes are awarded as you make landmark wins.

Upgrade your cars and show the world the skills you learn as you progress and become the top racer.

Have you got what it takes to become the top of the leaderboard?

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