Based in Aberystwyth, Wales, West Coast Software was setup in 2013 by Ken Bird, John Jones-Steele and Steve
Rose. The three originally set out to develop new, innovative games as well as work-for-hire and conversions of existing titles to all major systems from Xbox One, PS4 to 3DS, iOS and Android.

The company also specialises in creating and developing software and visualisation engines for a diverse client base using the latest 3D scanning technology from future flood predictions to GPS vehicle tracking systems and Trixter pulse fitness programs, some of which are exported.

Although West Coast derives from a gaming background, the company’s unique selling position is to bring gamification to every day software, adding value, ensuring users not only enjoy their experience but also perform to a higher level. A good example of this gamification is the Energy Game Changer – where designers, programmers and artists gain an opportunity to work together to produce an educational resource.

In 2015, S4C, Welsh TV channel became equity investors within the company ensuring West Coast produce Welsh language games for S4C channel and website.